Manage your work life balance better

The world of work is changing rapidly and the pace of our working lives is getting quicker and harder all the time. A lot of people are finding they have to work harder and longer with fewer resources. Life is very complex and demanding, and it is all too easy for things to get out of balance.

We all have areas of our lives that are important to us, and we need to devote time and energy to them all if we are to remain balanced, happy and healthy. Deciding to manage work life balance requires certain skills and commitment.

The secret lies in honesty – be honest with yourself and assess if your wellbeing, work or relationships are negatively affected by conflicts between your work and personal/family responsibilities.

Common excuses

“I’d love to spend more time with the family, but…”

“Everyone else stays late, so I do”; or

“I’m just doing this for the family’s benefit”; or

“I feel guilty about taking a lunch break”.

Do any of these phrases sound familiar to you?

You always have choices, they might not be your preferred choice, but none the less they are your choices, for you to make, about what’s best for you.

Here are 5 top tips to help you achieve a better work-life balance:

  • Firstly figure out what really matters –
  • Secondly, drop all unnecessary activities –
  • Thirdly, protect your private time
  • Fourthly, accept help to balance your life –
  • And finally, set aside space in your diary for relaxation and fun

Look at your working life

Over the last 10 years there have been huge changes in the way we work – your work life may be spilling into your personal life, blurring the line between your work and your family life.

Look at your family life

There have been huge changes over the last 30 years in terms of lifestyles and family roles:

  • Lone parenting;
  •  Financial responsibilities;
  •  Looking after elderly parents;
  • Working motherhood; and
  • Dual career couples are just some of the changes that have taken place.

These changes in the way we live make finding time to meet commitments to home, your partner, your children, parents and friends increasingly difficult. And what about yourself, where’s the time you set aside for yourself?

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