Wigan and Leigh NHS trust

wigan144 individuals signed up for the Weight Loss challenge with 33 teams taking part. Over the four weeks, staff were encouraged to participate in a variety of activities, designed to promote wellbeing and build teamwork.

By the end of the 4 weeks the Trust lost nearly 40 stone (250kg) with the top team losing 22.78kg (3.58 stone) over the four-week period.

Feedback from participants – winning team

Why did you sign up for the healthyteams weight loss challenge?
I lost a large amount of weight last year but had put some of the weight back on and I kept saying I’d get back to healthy eating again next week. This gave me the impetus to restart my healthy eating.

Did you find the 4 week personal programmes useful?
Yes as I was able to choose what to eat and when so it fitted in with my shift work. Four weeks doesn’t feel overpowering but it is a long enough to get a good start on the weight loss so it is harder to stop my healthy eating plan as I was seeing positive results from it.

Do you feel that losing weight as a team is beneficial? If so why?
Yes as have other people who if you are feeling like giving up they will remind you why you signed up and you don’t want to let the team down in the team challenge event.